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Sushi by Yuji

18 Mar , 2013  

After seeing multiple posts raving about the quality, price, and sheer unknownness of this recently opened (mid January 2013) sushi restaurant online, I paid a visit on the weekend. Located in a newly built development on Kingsway just before Nanaimo, it’s a bit nondescript, small and easily passed by.

Sushi by Yuji should really go try. Here’s the menu, front and back.

Sushi by Yuji

Sushi by Yuji

Most of the reviews online said they ordered omakase from Yuji, with the price being around $65 for two people. So of course, no time wasted looking at the menu, we did just that and this is what we were served. 

1st Dish: Assorted Sashimi.

Clockwise from L-R: Tuna, Tako, Chopped Saba with Shiso, Green Onion and Pickled Ginger, Ika (squid) with Shiso, Wild Sockeye Salmon. Finished with a mound of REAL ground wasabi. Yes, real wasabi that’ll actually KO your sinuses.

Sushi by Yuji

2nd Dish: Nigiri.

Wild Sockeye Salmon Nigiri (finished with lemon juice and salt), Ika with Uni Nigiri

Sushi by Yuji

3rd Dish: Tuna Titillation. Or Nigiri again. 

Toro (Fatty Tuna), Negitoro with Quail Egg

Sushi by Yuji

Just because it looks so good, another picture of the toro. Notice the wasabi between the toro and the rice.

Sushi by Yuji

4th Dish: More Nigiri. So good.

Aji (Horse Mackerel) Nigiri, Kohada Nigiri

Sushi by Yuji

5th Dish: Uramaki (Inside out sushi roll, aka rice on the outside)

By this time, I was feeling quite satisfied. Yuji asked us how we were doing and if we wanted one more, so we said sure. He made a spicy mayo chopped toro and something else (I can’t recall) roll. You could look at it as a sort of filler at the end of the meal, just in case the above wasn’t enough.

Sushi by Yuji

6th Dish: Dessert.

We were offered a choice of Green Tea Ice Cream or Black Sesame Ice Cream. 

Sushi by Yuji

The total for this omakase by Yuji came out to be $62 (before tax) for two people. Not sure why it wasn’t 65 like everyone else had been receiving, perhaps my camera..but I never once mentioned anything. Anyways, totally worth the price, and I would have happily paid up to around $75 for this meal! For the entire hour and thirty minutes we were there, we constantly had our tea refilled and were checked on, even though it was just Yuji himself and 1 server.

If you arrive right at 5, consider yourself lucky as he seems to work on a first come, first serve basis. He nearly finished most of our dishes before he even started working on the other two tables that arrived after.

Sushi by Yuji

No liquor license, though he says on Facebook he is working on getting that. Decoration is sparse, there’s 1 TV in the corner by the window, and the quality is through the roof.

Sushi by Yuji
2252 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.C.
Phone: 604-434-0003

Hours: Tue – Sun: 11:30 – 14:30 // 17:00 – 21:30

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