ChineseBites and Western Lake 西湖海鮮酒家

On August 15 the restaurant of the ChineseBites tour was Western Lake Seafood Located on Victoria and 33rd of Vancouver. I was joined by Raymond, Sherman, RickGrace, Melody, Diane, and Alvin in tasting Western Lake’s seafood menu.

We started out our dinner with Winter Melon Soup served in this very sophisticated golden egg bowl. It created quite a bit of attention with other tables as it was definitely a big center piece of the group.Inside this golden bowl was half a hallowed out winter melon with various pieces of pork, chicken, and crab. The soup was very clear and delicious, not to salty too. The serving was very generous as it was able to fill about 16 full bowls of soup.

The Egg white seafood dish came after soup, it was plated very nicely and served over top of (greens). This dish compared to the dish at golden swan was definitely more flavorful. With a mix of the salty mixture of the egg whites and greens with the sweet fruits on the side, you get a small sublet mix of flavors together.

The third dish was their spicy dungeeness crab. There were two crabs in the dish severed with big chunks of garlic and chives. It was plated with strawberries along the side but I honestly don’t think that was necessary. I don’t believe a dish needs garnish unless it adds to the flavors to the dish.

The forth dish was Honey Garlic Beef slices encircled by Fried Milk Custards. The beef was tender and not overcooked with a balanced mixture of garlic and honey. The Fried Milk Custards was either a hit or a miss, some pieces were more dough-y than others, but over all had a mild cream taste.

The fifth dish was Shrimp Mayo topped with Walnuts. Initially when you see this dish it’s loaded with mayo but after you take a bite of these huge prawns, they tend to balance out. Just watch out for the bottom pieces, they were actually dunked in mayonnaise.

The sixth dish was their Braised Pork Belly severed with Man Tao buns. The pork had a thick cut of fat on the top but underneath, the meat was very tender. Most of us ate the pork belly in the middle of the Man Tao buns.

The seventh dish was their Sautee shrimp, it was very saucy best served with the shrimp on. They had random assortments of dragon fruit and cucumbers as their garnish, again they did not play into the taste of the main dish.

The eight dish was their BBQ Chicken. The one thing you have to do is eat the skin with the chicken. The initial bite may seem like any regular chicken but you then get a hint of a smokey wood flavor in the skin.

The ninth dish was their Seafood Fried Rice. I’m not fan a fried rice, it’s either good or it isn’t. This rice was very good, served with a decent amount of scallops, prawns, and corn.

Our dessert was this Goji Berry Lychee Jello or Red Bean Jello. The Goji Berry Lychee Jello had a very light in sweetness with a hint of Lychee flavor, the goji berry is almost flavorless but it adds a bit of texture to the dessert.

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Western Lake Chinese Seafood 西湖海鮮酒家
(604) 321-6862
4989 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P

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