Teppan Kitchen in Aberdeen Centre Food Court

After an exhausting first day of playing dodgeball, photographing and helping out at the the First Annual JDRF Dodgeball Open a couple weekends ago, I was starving for a relatively quick dinner and decided that Aberdeen Centre would do the trick. At first I was set on ordering the famous Wo Fung chicken wings, but then decided it wasn’t enough and I wasn’t down for fried food. My second choice of Hainan Chicken from Cafe D’Lite Express 椰樹林 was nixed as Val laid claim to it, and she suggested I try Teppan Kitchen instead.

Teppan Kitchen (Aberdeen Centre)

The menu is available online, which I greatly appreciate. For my first visit, I just went with the daily special, ‘A’ Grade Rib Eye Beef Teppan Rice w/ Miso Soup + Drink for $7.50. I’m a fan of teppanyaki, I absolutely adore this style of cooking and it’s been a childhood favourite of mine, with my memories reaching as far back as random food courts in Taipei.

Teppan Kitchen (Aberdeen Centre)

Now this is still a food court, basically glorified fast food with maximal preparation done beforehand, but my meal still required some time to be finished, namely the heating up of the cast iron plate. 

Teppan Kitchen (Aberdeen Centre)

Not wanting to overcook my meat, I picked up a few and moved them around, but realized that leaving them to slowly sear from the residue heat was actually better. I poured a bit of the three sauces (garlic butter soy, ginger honey brown, spicy sauce) into containers to try, but found that the overall dish was heavy on black pepper sauce already and didn’t require anymore.

Teppan Kitchen (Aberdeen Centre)

I didn’t receive a wooden spork like many others have said.. just a metal spoon, which I prefer over a disposable spoon.

I’d probably get this again, it was enough to satisfy me for the night, but I’d ask for less sauce next time.

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Teppan Kitchen
4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC
(604) 295-6656

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