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Indochine Kitchen – Phnom Penh’s young & hip sister.

5 Jul , 2012  

A thread on Chow and a subsequent blog post from Nikikiu prompted my visit to Indochine one day. And then another night. And then last night.

Indochine Kitchen

Already armed with knowledge from the above two sources, I knew that a quick cursory glance at the menu would show me flashes of Phnom Penh. What I wasn’t aware of was the actually awesome specials they have. For example, Wednesdays: wings are 50% off ($4.25) AND import beers are $4.99! On Thursday: $10.99 pitchers (Winchester Lager) and Sunday Fundays $1.75 beers! (6oz).

Indochine Kitchen

No beating around the bush, I wanted to order the same items available from PP to do a comparison, and I started with the Beef Luc Lac [aka Vietnamese Shaking Beef] with Tomato Fried Rice $12. 

Unlike the version at PP where it is saucier and comes with a fried egg, this is a “cleaner” version with tomato fried rice. What a comfort food, reminded me of when my uncle first made me ketchup fried rice and I LOVED it. Try it. Thank me later. A very generous portion of tender chunks of beef in a slightly tangy vinegary like sauce alongside a fresh albeit boring salad rounded this out.

Indochine Kitchen

Butter Beef Carpaccio $12

Indochine Kitchen

HHNNNGGG … look at that raw beef, the butter, that abundance of cilantro. YMMV and opinions seem to be strongly divided on this dish, but if you like it at PP, this won’t disappoint. I can’t recall the price for it at PP, but it looks to be a tad bigger for the portion.

Indochine Kitchen

Garlic Butter Chicken Wing $9.50 

Indochine Kitchen

You know why these wings taste so good? M.S.G. Now before you go all “omg so bad” it’s only bad in excess, like all other consumables. I counted 9 pieces, and the last I recall of PP pricing was 1/2 order (10 pieces) $7.95. However, because of the constant line up and crowd there, I feel that their wings actually take a hit quality wise. These came out steaming hot, and also included more fried bits of garlic, onion, peppers.

Even more incentive to come to Indochine? Half price wings on Wednesdays! The two wednesdays I’ve gone it was busy, but there was no waiting for a table. I must advise that the crowd that frequents this place at nights would be similar to those you may see at say, Fabric on a Friday night. If you know what I mean.

Indochine Kitchen

The total came to $32 before tax for the three dishes we shared, which isn’t bad for the amount and quality. We, or rather I, definitely over order sometimes though..all for the sake of this damn food blog.

Indochine Kitchen

Indochine Kitchen
(604) 568-0828
1 East Broadway, Vancouver

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