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Burgers. They’re the best. If it’s tastes pretty decent, fills you up, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, it’s even better! While the best example in the Lower Mainland that I can come up with is Burger Burger, there’s another option right across the border … Boomer’s Drive-In in Bellingham!

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As the name states, Boomer’s is a drive-in burger joint that also has an old school feel. I had been eyeing this place for about two years but was always vetoed whenever I was in the area. However during the summer, I made about 3 trips to the Bellingham Airport. Since I was the driver all 3 times, that meant 3 visits to Boomer’s! (One trip included a Boomer combos followed by a 5 Guys burger … that was a good idea at the time).

Getting there isn’t too bad. In fact, it takes less time to get there than what Google Maps says as long as you’re not stuck in rush hour. It’s about 5 minutes south of Bellis Fair and two blocks away from the off-ramp for Exit 252.

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For my first two visits, I went with the drive-in option. Just park your car, turn on your headlights and a server will come out and take your order. After your food is ready, your order is placed on a tray that clamps on to your window. No movement necessary! In fact, the only time I had to move was to was adjust my seat back so my stomach could have more room!

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Kevin joined me for my third trip after a night of VDL Dodgeball (registration for Season 13 is now open!). I asked him to come along since he’s always down for a burger and wanted to try it after hearing me rave about it. Also I didn’t want to be  on the drive down.

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While most burger combos in Vancouver are $10+ for a burger, fries and maybe a drink, you can get the same thing here for $5.99! Did I mention that you get waffle fries!? For a dollar more, you can also substitute your drink for a milkshake instead! Now that’s a pretty awesome deal!!11one!!

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Both Kevin and I got Combo 1 which consists of their Boomer Burger (regular burger with cheese, veggies + sauce), waffle fries and a milkshake. Both of the milkshakes we got were very rich and almost impossible to drink through a straw, just like the old ones from Wally’s. That being said, I thought they were pretty good even though others thought it was kinda “meh.” Kevin and I agreed though that it is worth the extra dollar as long as you’re not conscious of the calories/fat content. You can ask to have multiple flavours in yours but I was always happy with their strawberry ones.

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The waffle fries were superb and a lot better than regular fries you get anywhere else. They were crisp and nicely dressed with seasoning salt so they didn’t really need anything else, even ketchup! The waffle fries were the stars of the show in all of my visits. Even my sister couldn’t stop eating them after I bought some home for her … 3 hours after they were made!

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The regular Boomer Burger is nothing out of the ordinary. I’m not too sure if their burgers are freshly made or frozen but the patties were still juicy. However the burger itself can be pretty plain so I would recommend adding mushrooms or bacon to it. There’s nothing wrong with the burger, it just might need a little something extra.

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Overall, the waffle fries were delicious, the milkshakes solid and the burger was decent. Throw in the fact that it’s at a bargain of a price and the restaurant has a sweet, old-school feel makes Boomer’s Drive-In a must try whenever you’re in the area. The locals seem to love it too as they have been voted “Best Burger in Bellingham” several times.

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  1. Man that’s why I love being in US sometimes. Food is just cheaper and more abundant. Even with the upgrade to the milkshake that’s still cheaper than McDonald’s in Vancouver. The most entertaining part of the blog was the Internet Meme. 

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