Dim Sum @ Dai Tung (大同) Chinese Restaurant, Vancouver, BC

大同 海鮮酒家. Da tong. Dai Tung. I consider it an East Vancouver staple, it’s been here as long as I can remember, when other restaurants in the nearby area have all gone through various incarnations.

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One of the reasons why I consider Dai Tung to be a staple is the fact that they still offer push cart service for their dim sum, offered everyday from 9am-3pm.  This ancient tradition is nearly all but gone in Metro Vancouver dim sum restaurants, and so it remains a very strong visual reminder of days of the past.

For some reason, my parents and my sister were on a dim sum binge, as we managed to go out for dim sum 6 times in 2 weeks. That’s a lot more than usual for our family, and what made it even weirder was it was during mid summer. Never one to complain about eating, more so when I’m not the one paying for it, I happily came along if I could.

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The only downside is that dim sum is not the easiest or most exciting thing to write about, as I don’t know all the dish names. Most of the common items are $2.50 each, with Kitchen Items and Unique dishes being $3.50 and $4.00 respectively. Tea is also charged at $0.75/person.

涼拌鴨掌 Boneless Duck Feet Skin

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Vegetables..and here is where I’ll stop, because I wasn’t really paying attention to the food, just family talk at the table.

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I do have to say this about Dai Tung, it’s cheap, affordable but the quality is not what you would expect for its cheap price..it’s much better than going to say, Floata ;).

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  1. Oh man, yeah. I’ve been to Dai Tung a lot, mostly for dinners. My grandmother used to love this place. I don’t think I knew they still had push cart dim sum! I gotta check that out. My grandma likes Golden Swan for dim sum – they used to be kinda meh, but the last time I went over the weekend, things were pretty great. According to old people gossip, there’s been a constant change in ownership there. Hopefully the current owner(s) stay!

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