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I was at Tinseltown, having watched Midnight in Paris, a light hearted and romantic movie, before heading over to SEA MONSTR SUSHI for dinner. Also one of Mark Brand’s babies, see Save On Meats.

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It was a lazy Thursday night, and a couple other tables were filled up, with one person sitting at the bar. I always love sitting by the bar, and will usually take this seating option if available. Being able to watch the chefs prepare your food is highly underrated.

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A couple options were available for drinks, but I already knew what I wanted. A beer. Well, I usually want beer, but even more so here because they’re the only ones in town that have this unique beer dispensing system. BottomsUP beer is a dispensing unit that reduces foam, waiting times, and takes up a smaller area than a regular tap. It works by pushing a seal at the bottom allowing the beer to flow out. When the cup is removed, a magnet keeps the bottom closed, keeping your beer nice and safe.

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Sapporo Bottoms Up Beer $4.40

The only problem is, the cups are plastic and therefore not reusable. Well, you could keep using your own cup if you were having more than one, but at the end of the day the restaurant will just throw them out anyways.

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As far as I know, there aren’t many sushi restaurants in Gastown. MoMo Sushi seems to be the only I can think of.

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Menus are available on their site, and prices are good. All rice bowls come with a miso soup.

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Chirashi Don $12.50

Scallop, tuna, salmon, tako, saba (or mackerel) and plenty of tobico adorned my bowl of sushi rice. Finely chopped tamago and cucumbers also added some colour. For $12.50 this is sort of pricey, sort of not. For Gastown, I say it’s okay and expected. 

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When you’re done your drink .. you can even take out the little magnet at the bottom of the beer. Great little advertising technique.

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Apologies if my posts haven’t been the regular self.

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2 thoughts on “Sea Monstr Sushi”

  1. Wow nice to see a place in Vancouver utilizing those bottom up beer dispensers. I remember seeing it on Youtube awhile back and wondering when it would start popping up locally. Strange that it’s at a restaurant versus say, a place like Rogers Arena or a pub serving up an assembly line of brews.

    Anyways, Sea Monstr Sushi has always been on my radar but I’ve never made the visit to Gastown to try it yet. I was initially filled with skepticism due to its name and lack of a better term, “americanization” to conform with the trendy hipster-feel of Gastown but that Chirashi Don (or Bara Chirashi to be more specific by the looks of it) does seem quite good surprisingly. $12.50 I’d say is reasonable enough for a Chirashi of that size. Got to add that the Saba looks amazing as well.

    1. It’s a pretty neat product, but if it could be made to be reusable that would be even better. As of now though, it’s just a plastic cup with 2 magnets, 1 ring and 1 on top inside the cup.

      I still think it’s quite “americanized” and trendy, just like Teracotta and Bao Bei. However, it is a decent addition to the Gastown neighbourhood, as they’ve really only had MoMo Sushi till now.

      I’m sure you know of places with better/bigger Chirashi though? The saba was pretty damned good.. always enjoy sitting at the sushi bar.

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