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Much fanfare has been made about Kimura Sushi since their opening in late summer of 2010. Known probably to the locals and the online food community as that “sushi place with jazz music”, Chef Itsuroku Kimura does things the way he wants, and listens to what he wants. He has seemingly every right to as well, having been either an owner or chief chef of restaurants everywhere, ranging from Mexico, Shanghai and all over California.

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Jeff had told me about Kimura back in August to me while I was in Asia, but just never made my way out here. When one night, my mom wanted sushi, I knew this would be a good chance to suggest Kimura. When we arrived, every seat but one was taken, and the place was busy with the loud chatters of a big Japanese group beside us.

Looking through the menu didn’t really excite me, it was the daily omakase that stole my attention. For $30 only, you could get 6-7 courses that was planned daily by the chef. There is probably no other Japanese restaurant in town that offers omakase for this price point, which makes this a complete steal in my opinion!

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Pig’s Ear was the first to come, as said on the daily written menu. While not the sliced pigs ear I had envisioned in my mind, a la Chinese/Taiwanese style, it came coagulated like head cheese and was accompanied with smelt and kabocha pumpkin.


Smelt or 多卵魚 [fish with many eggs], or as I like to call it, 蛋蛋魚 [egg egg fish]! Love this fish and especially love their roe!

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Salmon Carpaccio …..melt in mouth goodness.

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The omakase menu said Shrimp Pasta Salad, but they had run out for the day so they replaced it for us with Grilled Steak and Mushrooms.
Orrr…yea that’s what I’m calling it. Just like the salmon, it just melted in my mouth.

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Baked Oysters w/ Miso Sauce. This was the most plain and flat dish of the night, which I guess isn’t bad for an omakase of 7 items.

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Miso Soup with strips of seaweed and tofu skin.

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Assorted Sushi Nigiri – you can see traces of the soy sauce that Kimura has “painted” on top.

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This confused the hell out of me when it was placed on our table. Is this part of the omakase or something extra? The server didn’t explain it when she put it down, and I had to flag her down and tell us what it was. She said it was Spicy Tuna on top of Mint Spinach Leaves with Fried Sushi Rice.

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The edges of the sushi rice were very crispy and had that burnt/old oil taste to it, but the middle was chewy and delicious.
The leaf under the spicy tuna wasn’t mint, it was a spinach leaf. A world of difference if you ask me!

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Mango Ice Cream for dessert.

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Not a part of the omakase, but we ordered Gobo (Spicy sauteed burdock) $3.25 to end the night.

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Even the waitress puts the orders down in Japanese!

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When we had finished our meal, it was just my mom and I and the family by the bar. Chef Kimura was entertaining the kids and it made me think of the scene from The Godfather where Marlon Brando, as Vito Corleone, is playing in the orchard with his grandson. Just carefree, happy and friendly.

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The $30 omakase menu makes me happy, and it can be even further customized to your likes and dislikes if you call ahead and make a reservation.

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