Kenzo Ramen Japanese Noodles, Toronto, ON

After we ate at Lee, Sally and I walked around. We covered a lot of the uncomfortable heat that is Toronto’s summer. Walked over to the University of Toronto campus, saw the Toronto cityhall, dropped by her school OCAD, walked through Kensington Market, and finally ended up watching a G20 riot march. If I mapped all that out, it would be a lot of distance covered, as the blocks in Toronto just seem to be that much bigger..!

All that walking got me hungry fast, and so I wanted to try out Salad King.

Salad King-01

Something seems off about the above picture, right? I had numerous suggestions to try Salad King, but as luck would have it..they were closed (and had been closed for a while before I arrived in Toronto) because one of the walls had collapsed. Shame!

Salad King-02

Not to worry, there’s plenty more food around. Couple blocks down was Kenzo Ramen, and seeing as how Vancouver has a high concentration of ramen shops, with the majority of them very good, I thought it would be a good idea to try it out and compare.


While writing this post and looking at the pictures, it made me think back to my summer vacation in Asia where I drank bottle after bottle of beer, daily.. perhaps this bottle was the start of this habit? 1 bottle, 1 meal, 2 bottles, 1 meal, etc.. bad drinking habits I tell ya. Thankfully alcohol is cheap in Asia!


Descriptions are straight from the online menu.

Sally ordered the Shi-O Ramen – Refreshing noodles seasoned with salt.


I had the Netsu Ramen – Hot Sapporo-style ramen with meat and vegetables.

In retrospect, it was kind of dumb of me to order this considering I was sweating already. I can’t remember if I was offered a level of spicy, but it came very spicy. Almost enough that I wanted to order another beer just to soothe my mouth. There was lots of meat, but unfortunately it was ground pork, not slices, and so because of this, most of the pork ended up at the bottom of the bowl, wasted and forever lost. No way in hell I was going to pick my bowl up and start slurping.


Unfortunately.. I don’t eat ramen enough in Vancouver for me to compare. The last time I had a spicy ramen was at Benkei on Robson, and that was more than a year ago!

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