The Original Bavarian Bratwurst Wagon Co., Toronto, Ontario

So here’s the situation.

Well that is him, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

You’re out late for some reason, and you’ve got a mad case of munchies. What do you eat? You can either eat at the very limited number of late night restaurants Vancouver has, or you go home and make yourself something to eat. However, those in Toronto..well they got it easy, they got street carts selling bratwursts, hotdogs, burgers, shwarmas at all hours of the day. Not only that, the majority of them will congregate in one area so you only have one thing to do.


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On my way back to my dorm room at Ryerson after we came down from the CN Tower, I was feeling hungry and wanted to grab a bite to eat. How perfect was it that we were walking right along Queen St, where all the hot dog carts are located. There were three carts, but I just went with the one that had the most people in front of it, seeing as it would be the most popular one.

The Original Bavarian Bratwurst Wagon Co-4

Hotdog & fries, $4.50 with free gravy & mushrooms. SOLD!

The Original Bavarian Bratwurst Wagon Co-3

The fries were oily, soggy, limp, and just not appealing at all. The best I can describe them is that they should have been fried once more. Seems that they were blanched in low temperature oil, and then forgotten and served up. Just not good at all. Strange enough is in the above picture, you can see a newspaper framed. That article is here, and it’s about…. their fries. Ironic.

The hotdog on the other hand was great. The sesame bun was slightly toasted, giving it a satisfying crunch. Toppings were free, so I loaded up. It was messy, sloppy & greasy. Enough to satiate my stomach till my next meal. Perhaps it was the muggy night clouding my judgement, but it satisfied me.

The Original Bavarian Bratwurst Wagon Co.-04

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  • yuwing November 9 Reply

    i remember eating here! it’s next to the public ice rink, right?

    • Kevin Wu November 9 Reply

      There is a public skating rink & it’s also where the City hall is. :)

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