Burrito Boyz – College St, Toronto, ON

Hi. I know I’m the worst food blogger ever, the last update was a month ago. Not only that but it’s also something from June..and it’s now October. :D

Alright, let’s switch it up a bit. Back in June, I flew out to Toronto to work the 2010 Toronto G20 Summit. Long story short, it was quite an experience considering I had just come from working the 2010 Winter Olympics up in Whistler for 2 months, but because this is a food blog, not a politics blog, I won’t delve into the politics and controversy that surrounded the actual summit.

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What little time I had not working I spent walking near my neighbourhood of Ryerson University around the wonderfully busy Dundas Square. I have a friend out in Toronto for school right now so I asked her to be my tour guide and take me out.  So the first weekend I spent there, we went to Taste of Little Italy, an annual weekend event that shuts down 15 blocks of College St. with over 50 restaurants participating. What made this street festival even crazier was the fact that the 2010 FIFA World Cup was also ongoing. It should go without saying that this street would be packed with Italians on the edge of their seats during games.

Burrito Boyz-College St-01

Most of the food offerings were Italian but I really wasn’t in the mood for it, despite the focus of the event itself. I had my eyes on these burritos on the way in, and on our way back to the start of the street, I couldn’t wait any longer.

Burrito Boyz-College St-02

I think on the street, they were just $5 each, but the posted prices inside was more expensive.

Burrito Boyz-College St-05

The kitchen area is open and lined with possibly the brightest blue tiles I have ever seen used in a restaurant.

Burrito Boyz-College St-06

The rest of the interior is very spacious with bright walls, such as this one, covered with awards and various articles.

Burrito Boyz-College St-07

A little longer than a pop can with probably a little more circumference, it was piping hot and packed a lot of flavor.

Burrito Boyz-College St-03

That little plastic cup of hot sauce was super spicy…caught me off guard!

Burrito Boyz-College St-04

After scarfing down the above burrito, we looked for some dessert to cool down.. specifically my burning mouth. Hot ice cream waffles? Okaaaaay!

Hot Ice Cream Waffles-01

Run by kids (where are the parents?), one would make the waffles, the other would slice up a box of ice cream and assemble the sandwich, and the last one would serve the customers. They were veeeeeeery efficient!

Hot Ice Cream Waffles-02

Each waffle sandwich was $5 so we split one as I wanted to get some gelato after. The surface closest to the waffle would quickly melt, but would remain numbingly cold in the middle.

Hot waffles surrounding cold ice cream on a muggy summer night in Toronto = win.

Hot Ice Cream Waffles-03

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  1. Welcome back – I think we can all relate to the daily trappings of normal life that take us away from blogging.

    Curious – what lens were you using for these sweet shots this time?

  2. Apparently there’s a Burrito Boyz just behind where I live! And for the regular price plus tax [around $7], the burrito was much bigger than the one we had at Taste of Little Italy.

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