Yuji’s Japanese Tapas, Vancouver, BC


Yuji‘s. They don’t have a flashy exterior and they don’t have a very big footprint on West 4th either. They don’t need to because they more than make up for all that with their food!

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The interior is clean, well furnished and minimalistic. That sort of seems like an oxymoron now that I read it again….

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Our reservation was at 530pm, right when they opened. As a result.. we were the only ones in the restaurant for quite a bit and so it almost felt a little awkward, like they had opened just for us. The servers were certainly attentive, I mean what else could they have possibly done?

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The reason why I was here was because Chloe had a Travellers Deck, which is a local company that has made a, to quote from their About Us section, “informed and opinionated deck of our favourite handpicked shops, restaurants, bars and services.” Basically, you can to go a Chapters, pick up one of these decks and get discounts for eats and shopping. Think the Entertainment Book, but a lot smaller and focused on just Vancouver.

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Age Spicy Tuna Rolldeep fried spicy tuna roll

Rolled in panko and deep fried till golden brown, the tuna roll itself wasn’t spicy, it was the sauce drizzled on the bottom of the plate that was spicy.

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Prosciutto Rollcream cheese mango rolled in rice and encased in Italian prosciutto

Oooomy, creamy, sweet, salty, umami. Everything rolled in one! A must order if you are ever to eat here, the way everything just came together in your mouth was mmm…gawd, so good.

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Kiwi Rollscallop, cucumber and mayo roll topped with a slice of kiwi

I ordered these because they looked and sounded like they tasted amazing according to Jonathan from Foodandtell. While not as mind blasting as the prosciutto roll, these were equally delightful for the uniqueness. The scallop itself had a sweet taste, something not uncommon in seafood, and the kiwi provided the slightly sour tang. A great ying-yang balance of flavours here.

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Aburi Negi Miso Kobe Beef

This is the first time I’ve ever had kobe beef! Sliced about as thin as two loonies stacked together, it just …melted in my mouth. All that nice marbled fat just spread its tentacle-y arms of flavour through the meat and helped it disintegrate in my mouth like it was ice cream on a hot sidewalk.

Watch as the server torches the beef right in front of us.

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Green Tea Crème Brûlée

Now this is a dessert that I could finish by myself. The creamy custard like texture of the creme brulee with accents of matcha popping in… also another item I would say is a must order.

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Remember the days when the only tax we had to pay when eating was GST.. oh but now it’s the HST.. hurray.

God I loved this place.

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6 thoughts on “Yuji’s Japanese Tapas, Vancouver, BC”

  1. This price is vastly overpriced with teeny tiny portions. Can you even comment on if you were full here? And two of you were eating? When I went here it was super expensive and we were still a bit hungry after dropping $40 each.

  2. Hi Mia,

    I would say I was content and satiated after my meal. Not full where your stomach pain receptors will tell you “hey fatass, you ate too much”, but just a “hey, thanks for filling me up, this is a happy state I’m in now” kind of full.

  3. I don’t eat that much but I found the rolls I ordered to be super-tiny. And our other tapa’s dishes were tiny as well. Hmm, that’s so weird you spent so little in my opinion for two people.

    Yes that is a good state of fullness.

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