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Chowtimes posted about this vaguely named Korean restaurant in September, but I couldn’t go try it out quite as soon as I wanted because of my wisdom teeth.

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So, I decided to make it a event, and extended the invite out to my fans on Facebook.  I did send out email invitations to the other food bloggers, but only got a couple replies. Understandably, some couldn’t make it because it was Thanksgiving Long Weekend.

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So in attendance for the dinner was…a handful of my friends, and two unknowns.  The total was 14. The two unknowns were Steve, who turns out is my moms co-worker….who started reading my blog because my mom told him about it and Agnes, his friend.

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Korean Beer, Hite! This is my first time ever drinking it, but yet I’ve always seen pictures of it from friends who went to Korea.  I must say, at $4.50 for an import beer, which is cheap, this beer is really easy to drink as it’s so light and crisp.

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I had especially asked Ellie to come along because I knew I would need help with the menu and ordering, even if there is English on it.  To get the same thing as Chow Times did and us, follow these instructions. First pick your combo from below. You’ll notice it says hot grill.

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Then choose what type of meat you want, chicken, pork, beef, squid, or squid+pork belly.

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If you want extras, here they are. After the meal, I think we could have done without these as it was just even more food that we didn’t finish.

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Ellie ordered 2 Combo A and 1 Combo B, all larges, for the entire table. We split up into fours to share a combo.  So, first comes the banchan, or side dishes.

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This was Squid & Pork Belly.  I wish I had something to show how proportionate this is. It’s a loooooooot of foooood.

Bool Chul Pan Korean Hot Grill-12

The other two were Chicken and Pork, I believe.

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You’re supposed to get an apron to prevent any splatters from getting onto your clothes as you stir up the vegetables to cook them. The meat is cooked, just have to let the cabbage and etc soften up.

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Sweet spicy chicken. Kind of tasted like sweet and sour pork…

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The extras from above, instant noodles, rice cake, dumplings and ham.

Bool Chul Pan Korean Hot Grill-16

Tyson mixing up the above with what’s left of our sauce.

Bool Chul Pan Korean Hot Grill-17

Black bean sauce noodles, or Ja jang myeon. Very similar to the Chinese Zha Jiang Mian. This is the ONLY thing on the table that was not red and spicy, and was such a relief. The only problem was by this time we were mostly full.

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The final part of the combo was rice, but I would have liked rice at the beginning. It’s hard to eat just straight spicy food without something to temper it, and rice would have been perfect for it. Instead, we had to resort to drinking beer. Soju would have been good too actually.  Also by the time the rice comes, chances are you will have already used up a lot of the sauce. Notice I didn’t say eat, because I bet most of it will end up just sitting at the bottom of your plate.

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Watching our server stirfry up the rice for us.

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Excluding the beer, lemon soju slush, and other stuff, the combo was only 14.50~ when divided amongst 14 of us. For the amount of food we had, which I ended up taking home some, it was insane quantity for price value. The food was good too!  The soup bowls like Chowtimes mentioned are HUGE and are one serving. I saw a table with one and a couple was sharing it. Ellie asked why it’s so big and the server just said something along the lines of “We just like to serve lots.

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Thank you Steve and Agnes for coming out and meeting a complete stranger to eat. Even more thanks for being a loyal reader!

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  1. Hahahha i see ptoor!!

    I went to this plae wif my bf the day after chowtimes posted about it~~~ waaay too much food~ but was so good

  2. Wow that is truly, a lot of food! Oliver and I were in the neighbourhood a while ago but we had our minds set on Insadong Korean before we headed out. I wish we tried this Hot Grill place instead, I can’t say Insadong lived up to the expectations. I look forward to your future posts! Keep them going :)


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