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Wow the trip up to Kelowna for the dragon boat festival this year feels like it was ages ago, when really it was just under 3 weeks ago. Actually, that’s a long while, shows how much I’m lagging behind in my posts. I only have the weekends really to sit down and type out my entries, because I want to make sure I get everything just right. It can take me anywhere from 20minutes to an hour for an entry. Double checking facts, linking the right things, etc…just my perfectionism kicking in, don’t worry.

If you talk to anyone in Kelowna, chances are they probably have been to Kelly O’Bryan’s. They’re famous for….oh you’ll have to keep reading to find out. So my whole team headed over to Kelly’s for lunch during our first day of the festival.

Kelly O Bryans-0289

I think the restaurant must have been a  little bit shocked, 20 Asians all at once coming in to eat. I caught some stares from other patrons for sure.

Kelly O Bryans-0291

Pachos is what Kelly’s is famous for, so much that they even trademarked it.

This appy is world famous in over 38 continents and is a registered trademark of Kelly O’Bryan’s. Thousands of other restaurants have tried and failed to duplicate Pachos. Lattice fries, deep fried golden brown, piled high with Kraft’s best medium cheddar cheese then baked. Topped with freshly cut green onions and served with creamy Emerald Isle Dip!

Kelly O Bryans-0292

I think after seeing this sign, is what made me decide to get a drink. I know, drinking by noon? Not to mention the fact that I had another race later on? It’s okay though…one drink is not bad.

Kelly O Bryans-0294

’cause you see, I got this! 4 samplers, which would really be just over a pint (four 6oz’s).

Kelly O Bryans-0307

Look at that presentation. It’s got its own little holder, just like the Frat Bat at the Alibi Room. The glasses are different, similar to the 6oz glasses I had at the Granville Island Brewing Tour.  Dark beers are still a learning experience for me because they are generally very dense and strongly bitter. That to me just doesn’t seem enjoyable to ingest. From L-R, Smithwick, Guinness, Kilkenny and Harp. Strangely enough, I enjoyed the Smithwick the most because it had a slight coffee aftertaste (I’m not a coffee drinker though, I rather have tea). I’ve had Guinness before to know that I don’t like it because it’s quite bitter. The Kilkenny was similar to a cream ale, and the Harp a light lager.

Kelly O Bryans-0297

Click on the pictures below for a closer look at the 4 different beers.

Kelly O Bryans-0298 Kelly O Bryans-0299 Kelly O Bryans-0300 Kelly O Bryans-0301

Along with my sample tray, I got myself an order of Pachos. Since it was only lunch and I didn’t want to be too full before our 2nd race and puke, I got something small. Of course I had to have their famous pachos. The cheese was melted, but the pachos only slightly warm. I guess with a big table (14 of us) it would be a bit hard to co-ordinate the timing and expedition of the food. There must be something in that dip of theirs because I could not stop eating it!

Kelly O Bryans-0314

More pictures of food that’s not mine, but was around the table. Chicken strips, taco salad, shepherd’s pie, and Dublin stack. For a more in depth description, you can check out the lunch menu.

Kelly O Bryans-0315 Kelly O Bryans-0316 Kelly O Bryans-0317 Kelly O Bryans-0313 Kelly O Bryans-0318

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19 thoughts on “Kelowna – Kelly O’ Bryan’s”

  1. I wonder if it is the same restaurant… Never mind!

    OK, am I missing the point of that Pachos dish? I mean, it is just waffle-cut fries with some cheese on top and a side dressing… It is almost as if you were to prepare nachos but ran out of tortilla chips and used those fries instead. (Could it be the name came up for that same reason?)

  2. It’s actually a good restaurant, especially if you go after 9pm and your main aim is to have pachos, then you can get 2 orders (pachos for one) for $10.

    Perhaps I’m one of the few that have read this and actually went to Kelly O’Bryans when they had locations in the Lower Mainland.
    They had two that I knew of, one that was along Broadway and Willow which is now an Indian Restaurant, and one in Surrey.

  3. oh, you do not even understand! I was in Kelowna a couple summers ago on a frind’s bachelorette weekend and we had an amazing dinner here! the food was great, and the pachos were AMAZING :D yeah, we pretty much couldn’t get enough of it!

  4. Does anyone know whats the recipe for the emerald isle dipping sauce (pacho sauce) or do you any sauce that is similar ?

    1. The sauce is honey mustard mayo. Both Safeway and Save On sell it. Mississippi Sauce, near the pickled eggs in the fridge section.

        1. triple osauce is mayo, ketchup and relish……emerald isle is mayo, mustard, honey, dill weed and a bit of milk : )

      1. The Mississippi sauce is similar but not quite.
        Pretty good substitute though. Missing the herb…not sure what they put in. Someone said dill but doesn’t look like dill. I have been trying to duplicate for years.
        Kamloops sells in jars!!!

  5. Not sure at all…I googled it for you, but someone had deleted the post asking bout the recipe for the sauce, and even the source where the company gets it from. From what I gathered, there used to be a place in Abbottsford that sold it, but that was back when Kelly O’Bryans used to be in the Lower Mainland.

  6. So this is where Kelly O’s went. They used to be so close to my house, and I’d go there for my birthday and the pachos. I thought they went out of business, but they went to Kelowna. I haven’t been to the new pub that’s there yet though. Maybe I should. I remember they had really good prices and pretty good.

    I remember trying to milk what was in the sauce from one of the waitresses. and she said we were kind of close?

  7. Actually Kelly o’s started in Kelowna… the very first one was on Lawrence Ave where the Blue Gator is now.. The ones in the Lower Mainland were just closed down.

  8. i seriously need to know this sauce…it’s got some sort of spice or herb in it. I MUST KNOW.

    1. i used to work at the one in was my first waitressing job…21 years ago haha.great place!!! you can buy the dressing if anyone is lucky to be close to a restaurant. atleast they used to sell it by the jar when i worked there. otherwise the closest you can get to it is mayonaise, mustard, honey and dried dill weed. add milk to derised condensity! : ) eat on!

      1. I asked for the sauce when we were up in Kelowna (the only existing location in BC I believe) but they don’t sell it. Thanks for sharing what the composition of the sauce is !

      2. hi there…I just saw you’re post about Kelly O’s sauce ingredients, and thank you ssssoooo much for that. Been trying to find out for ages…..Do you happen to know how much of each ingredient to use? Thank you again. :)

  9. We were in the West Kelowna (Westbank) restaurant a couple of nights ago and they sell the salad dressing /dipping sauce there. Vernon also has a Kelly’O’s as does Kamloops BC

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