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After Alibi Room, Kevin and I were hungry and I decided that we should try out the burger at the Cambie Bar & Grill. I walk past it everyday when I go to school, but never have the time to try it during lunch. Supposedly there is a “Burger & Brew” combo for $5.50, but I saw it nowhere on the menu.

The Cambie-0225

There’s no getting around it, this is Gastown, and it’s close to the DTES, so the crowd in here can be varied.  Since we arrived when it was already dark, it seemed to exaggerate the “sketch” factor of this place. No worries though, we sat right next to the bar where it was bright and in sight of the bartenders. :D

The Cambie-0041

The Cambie Bar & Grill has consistently been touted as a place for cheap beer, and has been voted the “cheapest place to get wasted“. Looking at their prices, I agree completely…if you like Canadian or Kokanee. They have $10.50 pitchers for crying out loud!

Since we already had beer, we didn’t get a pitcher to share. I did however get a Moosehead for $3.50.

Kevin got the beef burger with extras of mushroom and cheese. Ketchup and mustard on the side in plastic containers.

The Cambie-5371

I had a beef burger as well, plain and simple.  The patty was a little dry, but what can you really expect for $6~? It was piping hot though, the bun crunchy and toasted and a decent amount of vegetables. The fries were thick and starchy, and it took a bit of effort to finish off my plate.

The Cambie-5377

We left full and stuffed without spending more than $10 (mine with beer included!). Kevin found it very different from what we’re used to eat at, but I wouldn’t have a problem coming back here for food, probably only by myself for lunch though. A fellow classmate tells me they have one of the best vegetarian burgers she’s ever had..I may try that.

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  1. The veggie burger is amazing! It reminds me of a falafal in burger form-delicious! Ask for BBQ sauce with it, it brings it up to a whole new level of yum.

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