The Sticky Wicket Pub – Rooftop Surfclub – Victoria, BC

After dinner at The Pink Bicycle, Darren and I really wanted some beer.  James, who couldn’t come on the trip with us, told us about this place that has an outdoor patio with beach volleyball.  I did some research, and it seems that it’s not the only thing The Sticky Wicket Pub offers. It’s actually comprised of 5 different spots, all under one. Big Bad John’s, The Clubhouse, The Roof, Element Nightclub and of course The Sticky Wicket Pub & Restaurant.

Sticky Wicket Pub-4110

It’s located not too far from the harbour, so it should be easy to find.  Yes, I’m using the harbour as a central location.  The entrance for the rooftop is from the side of the building, so yea look for their sandwich board.

Sticky Wicket Pub-4111

I like their dress code, especially number 2.

Sticky Wicket Pub-4113

The only patio beach volleyball in the world, or so they say. Cool…

Sticky Wicket Pub-4114

The outdoor kitchen. It must be pretty nice to work outside, it gets really hot in a kitchen. On the other hand it would suck if its cold or windy or raining..

Sticky Wicket Pub-4116

So what did we come here for after a very filling dinner? Beer. While not looking to get drunk, we did want to enjoy the night. I was the one that was driving back also, so I had to keep a conscious thought about that. Darren suggested that we try a game, Power Hour.

Sticky Wicket Pub-4117

Power Hour is a variant of the popular beer game, Centurion. The only difference is you go for 60 minutes, taking a shot (1 ounce) of beer every minute. If you leave, you have to make up what you missed. While it sounds easy, most people can’t get past 50 in the Centurion (100 shots/100 minutes).

A pitcher of Honey Lager was $16.50…pretty damn pricey. In case you’re curious, Victor Darren and I did 30 shots each. Kevin had to drop out cause he wasn’t feeling well. We had two pitchers total.

Sticky Wicket Pub-4119

The patio itself is a really nice atmosphere. Although there isn’t a nice sweeping view of the ocean or the harbour (it’s too far away), people watching is a good alternative.

Sticky Wicket Pub-4120

Servers waiting for food orders to come up.

Sticky Wicket Pub-4124

Would I come back here again…I don’t know. It’s probably a do it once, say you’ve been there kind of thing. That pitcher of beer was really expensive!

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  1. I've been here before… 15 years ago! LOL… It looks roughly the same except I think there was a tennis court there before.

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