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Since I was coming over to Victoria, I decided to contact the writer behind the Victoria Burger Blog. His blog was shown to me by one of my VDL friends, who has repeatedly suggested that I focus on burgers only for many reasons. After playing e-mail tag and some suggestions, we decided to meet at The Pink Bicycle for dinner.

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Now since the big blogger dinner I attended at Alvin Garden I was okay with the idea of meeting a complete stranger for a meal. After all, if there is something in common to talk about, it should be no problem getting along. My friends however didn’t know what to expect and so probably expected a really awkward and strange dinner.  Below is Kevin’s Mutton Burger ($12)

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There was a little mix up with our burgers, I had gotten Darren’s Chicken Burger while he had my Cheese Burger. No worries, we just switched the sides since I had salad and he had soup. Below is the Herbed Chicken Burger ($13) w/ house salad before the mix up was realized.

Pink Bicycle-4103

Pink Bike Cheese Burger ($12) w/ daily soup.

Pink Bicycle-4104

I forgot what the soup is, it’s been almost 2 weeks! One of you that was there will have to remind me what it was!

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I spread the burger out a little so you can see how it looks like. The bun is chewy, the patty was oozing and the melted cheese on top was delicious. I must say, I could barely finish my burger and I was struggling to finish the salad. It was really filling! Oh yea, the salad was also great, baby greens with a light vinaigrette, walnuts and freshly grated cheese on top. I can’t understand how Donald and his friend ate the regular plate (burger w/ side) AND more food!

Pink Bicycle-4107

No pictures of Donald and his friends food because they were at the other end of the table and I wasn’t really keen on asking if I could. He did however take a picture OF me when I was eating my burger, so when his post is up you can see it. The conversation was easy going, (wow this sounds like a date), simple chit chat about our blogs, why he only does burgers, what there is to do in Victoria, etc. Overall, a good dinner is second only to good company, and both were had that night.

If I were ever going to Victoria for any reason, I would try my best to make time to drop by for a burger. If you look on their site carefully, you can even find a coupon. Donald did suggest Aura Restaurant for their burger, I may have to go there first (his post about it here). They’re open only for lunch.

Edit: Donald put up his review here, and also a couple unflattering photos. Damn it, I had a feeling you would take a picture of me and you did!

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      1. Yes and no. Yes, it is the same animal; however, the difference is its age. Lamb is usually less than a year old (same vein as suckling pig?), whereas mutton is usually older (2+ years). Oddly the definition of lamb and mutton might be different from country to country. But, the general idea is that. As for th meat itself, mutton is less tender but more flavourful, as a result, more suitable for stews.

  1. I ate at the Pink Bike for the first time this week. I stumbled upon it looking for somewhere to grab lunch with a colleague. He wanted to hit the ‘soup and sandwich’ place, but when I saw the Pink Bike I said no way, we have to try this place. I had heard of it – maybe I read your blog. And heard good things so wanted to give it a try.

    I was not disappointed. Great burger – I had the Pink Bike Cheeseburger with a Caesar Salad, which was also good. 4 stars! I highly recommend it.

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