Taiwan Beef Noodle King

Update. this is my 100th post! Wow!

This is my most recent outing (last night), but it was so damn good that I have to post about it immediately. Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted about Flo Tea Room? We actually wanted to come eat here, but they close at 9pm, and our practice didn’t finish til 930pm. Anyways, yesterday at 830 James called and asked if we were gonna eat wings, and I said no, we should go and try this place out!

So he gets there first, while I go pick up Kevin and others arrive later. I felt really bad since James got there at 845..and they close at 9! They told us it was okay, you’re already here, might as well stay and eat.. but still, yikes.

Taiwan Beef Noodle King-3995

A little back history of the owner of this restaurant is needed. Do you know about Taiwan Beef Noodle House? Actually, it’s now called Wang’s Beef Noodle House, I believe. What about Tony’s Beef Noodle? Anyways, these two restaurants and a couple other lesser known ones were started up and sold by the current owner of TBNK (yea, I abbreviated it, too much typing). His first location was on Main near 35th avenue, and that was ages ago.  Why do I know this? Because it seems like anyone who’s Taiwanese in Vancouver just seems to know!

Funny thing, when I walked in the owner of Huang’s Beef Noodle was there! I guess they’re good friends?

The menu is small and simple, you have the noodles with soup, rice, appetizers, dim sum, and drinks.  Very typical Taiwanese food.

Taiwan Beef Noodle King-3984

James had the “ma la” beef noodle. Literally translated, ma la means that it’s so spicy it’ll make you numb.  James is someone who can eat spicy, and when he says its spicy that means something. I had a sip of it and immediately choked. When Jeff came later, he also got a bowl.

Side note, I went today for lunch and got this and finished it.  What was I thinking, it’s 1pm, the hottest time of the day, in like 30+ degree weather and I’m eating a bowl of spicy noodles.  Pretty soon I was sweating all over, I even got a couple more napkins to wipe off.  It was so good though, that you can’t help but keep eating, even if it’s numbingly spicy.  $6.75

Taiwan Beef Noodle King-3988

Last night, Kevin and I both had the tomato soup base.  It absolutely blows No.1 Beef Noodle out of the water. $6.75

Taiwan Beef Noodle King-3989

Victor shared a clear soup base with Yuwing. The soup looks deceiving. It doesn’t look like its something special, but before they came we took a sip of it and it was full of flavor.  The original would be a good alternative/fall back if you can’t handle the heat or don’t want to try the tomato base.

Taiwan Beef Noodle King-3990

The remnants of the spicy bowl. Drink up!

Taiwan Beef Noodle King-3994

While we were eating as quickly as possible, they had started to eat their own dinner. I felt really bad, but they were so kind to us, letting us stay past their closing time and all.  It really made me miss Taiwan a lot though, the noodles, chatting with them.

Taiwan Beef Noodle King

8335 Oak Street (cross street is 67th street, across from the Chevron)
Vancouver, BC V6P 4A9
(604) 266-8718

Their hours are 11am-3pm, 5pm-9pm everyday.  GO NOW!

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  1. Congrats on your 100th post. It was only like yesterday you were a young'un… Wait, you're still young! hehe…

    1. Thanks Shokutsu!

      I'm kind of conflicted.

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  2. I'll probably be putting up the Pink Bicycle Review next week. If you can send me a chime-in that'd be awesome.

  3. congrats on the 100th post!

    btw recently, I finally went to get those screamers you blogged about (danny's screamers) a loooong time back.. I got the lime crush flavour and it was so good! But did you think the ice cream kind of tasted like whipped cream (not saying that it is…but it had that freshly whipped cream kind of flavour)?

    1. Hey Mia,

      Thanks! Lime Crush is decent now that they don't have sour apple anymore. Nope, don't think the ice cream taste like whipped cream, it does taste very heavy and dense to me. Perhaps it was an off day? I wonder what mix they use though.

  4. What number is their numbingly spicy noodle soup? I am there now but only saw the hot & sour and xo spicy soup. Got the regular one but would like to try the spicy one next time.

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