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After a big breakfast, some skimboarding in the wind and giving up cause it was way too chilly, lying down in the sun for a couple hours and getting bad tans while getting sprayed by blowing sand, I went home to shower and change for a late lunch with KB.  I wanted to sit out on the patio to take advantage of the nice weather, so I immediately thought of something along Commercial Drive.  A restaurant I tried once, actually for KB’s birthday before, popped into my head, so I decided to check out their menu on their site. Off we were!

Waazubee Cafe-2877

I asked if we could sit closer to the window (so I could get some nice light for the food) and our server said of course.  There were three other tables near us, I guess eating at 430pm is a strange thing.  The interior is…strange. Lots of quirky things.

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Since I couldn’t have beer at White Spot as it was too early, I got my beer here. My R&B Raven Cream Ale on the left and KB got her Strongbow Cider on the right. A sleeve is pricey here, nearing $6…ouch, but I spoiled myself just cause I felt like it. My Cream Ale was heavy and dense, and definitely very creamy. I like it a lot. Honey Lager is also another kind of beer I like a lot. I’ve never had Strongbow, so I tried a bit of KB’s. It’s light and refreshing, with a slight tang.

Waazubee Cafe-2857

I had the Lamb Focaccia, as described on the menu, sliced oven roasted lamb in rosemary jus with caramelized onions served open faced on toasted focaccia with garlic mayo and it came with salad and fries (and garlic mayo dip, SO GOOD.)  I’d go as far to say that I would just get an order of fries with their garlic mayo dip.  Something about it just excites all your tastebuds in ways indescribable.

Waazubee Cafe-2859

As for the lamb, it was good. I’m probably nitpicking here, but I think it was too much jus for the amount of meat they put on.
Waazubee Cafe-2861

KB got the Chicken WaaZuBwich, grilled chicken topped with melted brie and demi glace, served open faced on a toasted baguette with garlic mayo.  No idea how it tasted, didn’t ask for a bit to sample.

Waazubee Cafe-2862

The prices for the sandwiches were fair, but the drinks definitely were not. The menu online is actually outdated then, cause the prices are averaging $5 online and the sandwiches were $11.

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  1. I must say.. that lamb sandwich combo definitely looks delicious. and what a unique name for a restaurant.

    1. I actually realized it’s spelt WaaZuBees. Well, not like there’s a big difference, but the uppercase/lowercase definitely makes it even more unique..

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