Beef Roll Ups

Beef Roll Ups are typically served at Teppanyaki restaurants.

Teppanyaki is a japanesese style of cooking that involves an iron griddle (the teppan) to cook food. The chefs cook your food in front of you, and will often do tricks. Funnily enough, it’s a type of cuisine that Japanese people don’t eat, rather it’s very westernized and for tourists. Just like sushi in North America ;).

Beef Roll Ups

These are really easy to make, just have to buy some thinly sliced beef, typical hot pot stuff.  You can also get lots of frozen packs at Korean supermarkets (H-Mart, etc). Recipe and more pictures after the jump!*

  • thinly sliced beef
  • Enoki mushrooms (cut the roots off)
  • thinly sliced green onion
  • bean sprouts

1. Lay out a slice of beef.
2. Cut the enoki mushroom so it’s slightly longer than the width of your beef.
3. Add some green onions and bean sprouts.
4. Roll it up and grill or panfry with a little oil.

Make lots cause you’ll eat them quickly!

*I don’t give exact amounts because…it’s just the way I do!

Beef Roll Ups

Beef Roll Ups Beef Roll Ups Beef Roll Ups

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  1. Since you posted the pesto pasta in the last entry, it already inspired me to go back to my kitchen and I was originally thinking of remaking my bacon wrapped enoki. But as I woke up this morning, this beef rolls post popped out hehe I think I will try to cook something else then =)
    Your beef rolls look so good! *tummy growling*

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