Moxie's Classic Grill

I usually never eat at these kind of restaurants, such as Earls, Cactus Club, Sammie J Pepper, Moxies, etc, because they’re just too trendy and not my style. Plus the fact that I could find the same food or better at cheaper prices elsewhere keeps me away.  Anyways, VDL had our season end dinner at the Moxies on Davie St, yesterday, and I was quite happy with my experience. Previous to this visit, I’ve never had Moxies…I think.

So starting off with a couple appetizer platters, you can see that there are chicken wings, salt & pepper ribs, rosemary pita bread, calamari, spring rolls, and three dipping sauces. Lots of meat on the ribs, chicken wings were kind of plain but the sauces helped remedy that, and the calamari batter was light.

All of the following entrees came with sides of potatoes (baked, mashed, fries) and veggies (green beans or broccoli). I wish I got the baked potato instead, it looks so much better than just plain mashed potatoes. I did get to compare the two and I prefer the baked.

This is what more than half of us got, the Honey Roasted Garlic Top Sirloin Steak. What a mouthful. Mine came medium rare as I requested, and it was one of the first to come out, but as the other steaks started to slowly come out, some weren’t cooked to order. I think the kitchen got a little too overwhelmed and couldn’t keep track properly which steaks had to be cooked.

I saw more than a couple X-Treme Burgers around, and it did look pretty darn big, two patties + lots of fixings! I’m not a fan of the name though. Moxies, are you stuck in the Y-generation?  Hm…I could sure go for Burger Burger right now…

Next was the Penne Toscana, and it looked pretty saucy. The way it’s plated, with the garlic bread crossed like that and the Parmesan cheese on top is exactly the same as when I worked at White Spot!

Keith’s Maple Glazed Wild Salmon was overcooked, and it seems to be a common problem when ordering fish at restaurants sometimes. It also doesn’t look like a lot to eat compared to the other dishes.  Look at that huge’s like a tree!

With 5 entree choices, I’m happy that at least one person picked the Grilled Chicken Breast with Pineapple Salsa, so I could get a picture of it! The mango chunks look very VERY white though…wonder how it tasted.

Rounding off the night was dessert, White Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Cream. At first I thought it was cake…but hey it was pretty good! Again, this plating also looks exactly the same as a similar dessert at White Spot, the Chocolate Brownie.

The service was great, our tables server David was very attentive, friendly and quick. I think you kind of have to be with a private party of approximately 40, right?


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  1. I’m the same Kevin, I usually don’t go to these types of restaurants unless there is a big group of people. With the prices they charge, I can easily go to Salade de Fruits, Les Faux Bourgeois or any Asian restaurant. However, with that being said, with these restaurants you know what to expect and again, they are good for large groups. I’ve been to Moxie’s before and after their remake (they used to be more of a family restaurant like the Pantry (bleck)), they are decent.

  2. Agreed with you and Sherman. It was my first time ever to Moxie’s last two weeks, it was not bad but for the price that I paid I think I could have got better food elsewhere =P

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