A La Mode

I vaguely remember there being some posts about this from another local foodie, so I wanted to give it a try.

They offer many different pies!

A La Mode Rest. Pie & Tart Cafe-0147

Keeping them warm.

A La Mode Rest. Pie & Tart Cafe-0150

I got the Chicken Pot Pie (w/ Salad) for $7.99 (on the left) and Kevin got the Beef Stew Pot Pie for $7.95 (on the right).

A La Mode Rest. Pie & Tart Cafe-0152

Beef Stew Pot Pie

A La Mode Rest. Pie & Tart Cafe-0154

The puff pastry on top was very light and fluffy. You might not be able to tell from the picture, but it’s very soupy, not what a pot pie should be like…chunky and full of stuff! Still, it had good sizeable chunks of chicken and mushrooms, and Kevin’s beef was pretty good too.

A La Mode Rest. Pie & Tart Cafe-0157

Nothing impressive, I feel I would have found better food but at that time we were starving for some food in our stomaches.

A La Mode on Urbanspoon

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  • KimHo May 19 Reply

    I Love Food Blog wrote about it. Check it here. Sorry buddy! But the food looks good.

    BTW, I have noticed an odd tendency. “Kevin and I”? Can I assume your friend is also called Kevin? Or it is somebody else is writing it for you? XD

  • Kevin May 19 Reply

    Ah yes, he did.
    Nope, my friend is also called Kevin. Who would write for me?! That’s a good idea though, getting some guest (friend) posts….

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